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Cancer of the Skin - case reports of skin tumors (okładka miękka)


Autor: Piotr Brzeziński

Współautorzy: Anca Chiriac, Beatriz Di Martino Ortiz, Viktoryia Kazlouskaya, Małgorzata Sokołowska-Wojdyło, Sunderamoorthy Srinivasan


Wydawnictwo: ODO

Data premiery: 2014 rok

Liczba stron: 100

ISBN-13: 978-83-931309-0-0

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język angielski





Diagnosis of lesions in skin cancers very often occurs in dermatological clinics or during routine examinations. In some cases it is helpful to dermoscopy, and skin histology in correlation with the clinical picture gives us a final diagnosis. Therefore, cooperation between dermatologists and pathologists, and often the surgeon (surgeononcologist), is important. Please note that the surgical removal of skin lesions (tumors) is not the only method of treatment. This book is a presentation of dozens of descriptions of cases of skin cancers that are less frequently observed in practice. The intention of the author is to create a set of representative case reports of tumors of the skin, which may serve as an aid in the daily diagnosis of such tumors, as well as a manual for physicians interested in this issue. We believe that it will become essential reading and a valuable collection of information for physicians interested in the subject of skin cancer.




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